CRI Ambassadors

Canyon Ranch Institute and Canyon Ranch are closely aligned in philosophy and intention. Our Founders are the same: Enid and Mel Zuckerman and Jerry Cohen. The mission statements of Canyon Ranch Institute and Canyon Ranch both are focused on the prevention of chronic disease and overall well-being. Further, the health and wellness expertise developed by Canyon Ranch during the nearly 40 years of engagement with guests is the wellspring of knowledge from which CRI collaborates with partners to prepare and implement programs that advance health literacy, improve prevention, honor cultural diversity, apply integrative health, and eliminate health disparities.

CRI ambassadors 2016
2016 CRI Ambassadors

Although CRI is legally and financially independent of Canyon Ranch, CRI values and nurtures the relationship with Canyon Ranch. One way we do that is through the CRI Ambassador Program.

Each year, Canyon Ranch staff members have the opportunity to apply to participate in the CRI Ambassador Program. CRI Ambassadors attend a special training and quarterly update meetings that prepare them to guide their colleagues and Canyon Ranch guests who inquire about CRI partnerships, programs, and activities.

With CRI Ambassadors at Canyon Ranch locations in Tucson, AZ; Lenox, MA; and Las Vegas, NV, CRI and Canyon Ranch both benefit from the network of dedicated people who help ensure that inquiries about CRI from guests and Canyon Ranch staff are responded to promptly and accurately.

2016 CRI Ambassador Roster