Founders’ Message

Enid and Mel ZuckermanWhen we started Canyon Ranch in 1979, we built it as a place where we could live the healthy lives we wanted, and share what we’d found with everyone. Thanks to many wonderful people, Canyon Ranch has become the world leader in integrative health and wellness.

But something was missing. Our dream was to help everyone – all people – make a long-lasting personal and emotional connection to wellness. Nearly 10 years ago, we became acutely aware that the highest rates of chronic disease the world has ever known were the devastating evidence that people needed the integrated, individualized Canyon Ranch approach more than ever … and that we weren’t reaching enough people quickly enough.

We founded Canyon Ranch Institute to address that tremendous gap. Today, Canyon Ranch Institute is successfully sharing the best practices of Canyon Ranch with people everywhere, with a special focus on low-income communities. While each person’s goals and wellness needs differ, Canyon Ranch Institute helps empower people to realize optimal health for themselves, one person at a time. Our friend Rich Carmona, the 17th U.S. Surgeon General, calls it the “democratization of Canyon Ranch.” For us, it is the realization of our dream.

Enid and Mel Zuckerman
Founders and Board Members, Canyon Ranch Institute
Founders, Canyon Ranch