Awards Received by Canyon Ranch Institute

CRI Life Enhancement Program Earns Recognition from Institute for Healthcare Advancement

May 6, 2013 – La Habra, CA

The non-profit Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) is a leader in the health literacy field. Annually, IHA presents Health Literacy Awards in three Categories: Research, Innovative Programs, and Published Materials. Canyon Ranch Institute has been named a recipient of the 2013 Health Literacy Award for Research. The award honors the multi-site, multi-group Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program that has demonstrated the relationship between improving health literacy and improving health outcomes. Read the news release

CRI Honored with Health Literacy Champion Award

November 2, 2012Bethesda, MD

In a national competition to identify Health Literacy Innovators for 2012, CRI received first place in the Champion category for “demonstrated commitment to excellence in health literacy within an organization.” Criteria for the award included evidence of health literacy standards, implementation of readability and/or plain language writing standards, and health literacy staff training. The Health Literacy Innovator Awards were renamed this year in memory and honor of Leonard G. Doak, renowned health literacy pioneer. Read the news release

Canyon Ranch Institute and Time to Talk CARDIO Receive Award for Outstanding Achievement in Health Literacy by the Institute for Healthcare Advancement

May 6, 2010 – Irvine, CA

Canyon Ranch Institute partnership Time to Talk CARDIO was recognized by the non-profit Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) for outstanding achievement in health literacy. The award announcement was made at the Ninth Annual IHA Health Literacy Conference, “Health Literacy in the Real World: Programs & Solutions That Work,” in Irvine, CA. Time to Talk CARDIO was collaboratively developed by Canyon Ranch Institute, the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, Merck & Co., Inc., and RIASWorks. Read the news release.

Peoples’ Piece Wins Distinguished Award from the Society for Technical Communication

February 2, 2010 – Chicago, IL

The Peoples’ Piece – Cancer: What it Means to You, a magazine-style booklet that accompanies the National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship, received the prestigious Award of Distinguished from the Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. The Peoples’ Piece is dedicated to promoting awareness of cancer prevention and survivorship.

CRI Receives Bronx Spirit Award from Urban Health Plan

October 29, 2009 – South Bronx, NY

The Bronx Spirit Award recognizes individuals or organizations that help to enhance the health and well-being of Urban Health Plan patients and the Bronx community.