Ted Vickey, M.S.

cri visiting scholar - march 2014

Ted Vickey, M.S., who joined Canyon Ranch Institute as Senior Advisor for Disruptive Health Technologies in March 2014, is Founder and President of FitWell, Inc. and has more than 20 years of experience in exercise science and business. He is also completing a Ph.D. in Engineering, focusing on interdisciplinary research within exercise science, technology, and social networking at the National University of Ireland at Galway. Previously, Ted served as the Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center.

Ted led the Canyon Ranch Institute team in an interactive session focused on emerging fitness technologies, including mobile apps and a variety of devices, including wearable technology. The group discussed how the connection between fitness technology and social media enables people to share their activities and motivate others in their networks to be active. Together, Ted and the CRI team explored how fitness technology could be integrated into CRI’s programs in diverse communities across the country and around the world.