CRI Healthy World Scholarship Awarded to People Who Work with Food


To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Canyon Ranch and to further Canyon Ranch Institute’s community efforts, Canyon Ranch generously donated 25 stays at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ, as scholarships for people who work or volunteer in low-income and medically underserved communities. The Healthy Table scholarship group was comprised of six people who work with food and nutrition to help improve health and wellness in their communities. They participated in a wide range of activities at Canyon Ranch to share knowledge and help them gain new insights. CRI team members, including Executive Director Jennifer Cabe, M.A., Senior Director for Health Literacy and Research Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D., Senior Advisor for Nutrition Science Kelly Shannon, Intern Haile Thomas, and Senior Advisor for Disruptive Health Technologies Ted Vickey, M.S., helped facilitate discussions. In addition, participants were treated to an in-depth explanation of the Canyon Ranch food philosophy and a kitchen tour with Canyon Ranch Corporate Food Development Manager Marilyn Majchrzak, M.P.H., Canyon Ranch Corporate Chef Scott Uehlein, and Executive Chef for Canyon Ranch in Tucson Justin Morrow.