CRI’s Andrew Pleasant Presents at World Conference on Health Promotion

CRI Senior Director for Health Literacy and Research Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D., presented six sessions on CRI research, programs, and practices at the 22nd International Union of Health Promotion and Education World Conference on Health Promotion. Andrew spoke about how CRI uses health literacy and an integrative approach to health to create healthy behavior changes in low-income communities around the world. CRI programs are proven to improve prevention and help people and communities become healthier and happier. Additionally, Andrew participated in a pre-conference workshop titled “Taking the Global Health Literacy Agenda Forward for Health Promotion – From Position Paper to Action.” He was also part of a sub-plenary panel focused on “Health Literacy in All Policies – Where Are We Now and Where Should We Be Headed?” in which he detailed how health literacy is being implemented throughout the United States, including through the work of CRI and our partners. Andrew also spoke about how CRI is advancing the use of health literacy through policy efforts.