Volunteer - Healthy CommunityThank you for your interest in Canyon Ranch Institute. The CRI team collaborates to translate the best practices of Canyon Ranch and our partners to help educate, inspire, and empower every person to prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness. We encourage potential volunteers to review our mission and the President’s Message to learn more about CRI and our partners before applying to be a volunteer.


Requests for Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers as follows:

Ways You Can Help

There are three ways CRI engages volunteers:

  • CRI “In the field.” When CRI and a partner are presenting a program in a low-income community, a need may arise that could best be addressed by a volunteer.  For example, a volunteer might prepare healthy snacks for weekly sessions, or serve as a walk leader for program participants between program sessions.
  • Professional Consultants and Advisors. CRI approaches are collaborative, proactive, integrative, innovative, and evidence-based. We involve experts from a wide variety of health and science professions in program development, planning, and implementation. Often the role of consultant or advisor can be fulfilled using internet technology, eliminating costly expenditures for travel.
  • Reviewers. CRI produces a variety of content, including articles for peer-reviewed journals, program plans, program materials and guide books, grant applications, white papers, and more. Feedback from a qualified reviewer can help ensure that our efforts meet the highest quality standards.

Each volunteer opportunity is described in a Request for Volunteers. Like a position description, the Request provides details, such as location, time requirements, responsibilities, applicable skills, and other information.

Volunteers Are Critical to Advancing CRI's Mission