Urban Health Plan

South Bronx, NY, is one of the most economically disadvantaged communities in the United States, and its residents are challenged with high rates of diabetes, obesity, and asthma. In 2007, Canyon Ranch Institute and Urban Health Plan began a partnership to help improve the health and well-being of individuals and the community at large.


Urban Health Plan Inc. (UHP) is a network of community health centers based in the South Bronx and Queens, NY. UHP is recognized as a premier federally qualified health center, serving over 60,000 patients. UHP’s mission is to continuously improve the health status of underserved communities by providing affordable, comprehensive, and high quality primary and specialty medical care and by assuring the performance and advancement of innovative best practices.

The partnership started in 2007 with the launch of the first Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP). To date, more than 200 UHP patients have participated in the CRI LEP and more are continually experiencing the integrative health program. Due to the success and popularity of the program, which is taught in both Spanish and English, many UHP patients are referred by UHP primary care physicians, nutritionists, and physical therapists to participate in the CRI LEP in order to improve their health status.

The partnership is expanding to include two additional programs to augment the impact of our integrative health approach.

Plans are in development to adapt a 3,500-square-foot space on the second floor of the five-story UHP building to include a CRI Healthy Garden, bringing open space and cooperative organic gardening to this urban setting.

In addition, the first CRI LEP for Teens program is underway with UHP, helping teens and their parents or guardians reduce the risk for chronic diseases and reach and maintain optimal wellness.

How We’re Making a Difference

Results from the CRI LEP at Urban Health Plan consistently indicate participants experience a number of significant and positive healthy changes. They adopt healthier behaviors, lose weight, are less depressed, know more about health, lower their blood pressure, increase their ability to manage stress and pain, and make healthier food and portion choices.

With the addition of the CRI LEP for Teens and CRI Healthy Garden, the partnership will reach a wider age range of participants and have new tools and techniques to improve health and wellness in the South Bronx and Queens.

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