Life-Changing Stories – BHS Adopts Unique Program Aimed at Underserved Populations

This article features the BHS-CRI Life Enhancement Program (BHS-CRI LEP) and discusses the ongoing – and expanding – commitment of Berkshire Health Systems to improve the health and wellness of residents in Berkshire County, MA. The author highlights BHS CEO David Phelps and his personal journey to focus on his own health and wellness, and what led him to connect with Canyon Ranch Institute. Dr. Mark Pettus, BHS’s director of Population Health and Medical Education, and BHS-CRI LEP core team member, is quoted, putting a spotlight on the lasting positive impact the program has among participants, staff, and within the community. CRI Executive Director and Board Member Jennifer Cabe, M.A., also shares a history of the CRI LEP, its mission, and the significance the BHS and CRI partnership has in addressing health disparities in the Berkshires. Read more >>