CRI LEP for Families

The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP) for Families is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary program that transfers the best practices of Canyon Ranch to underserved communities to prevent, diagnose, and address chronic diseases among children in grades K-5 and their parents or guardians. The CRI LEP for Families uses an integrative approach to health and is grounded in the best practices of health literacy.


The CRI LEP for Families is a natural evolution of the CRI LEP that has been offered successfully to adults across the United States in a variety of cultural, social, and economic settings. The CRI LEP for Families is for adults and children to experience together. In this program, both adult and youth participants are engaged as key agents of change in their family’s health and wellness.

The CRI LEP for Families helps adult and youth participants make a lasting and personal connection to a life of disease prevention and optimal wellness. The program helps individuals and communities to:

  • Embrace a starting point and outline a change process
  • Share their histories and discuss lifestyle habits
  • Make a personal connection to their health and wellness

The CRI LEP key program elements and program materials are designed to ensure that each partnership remains true to our approach to integrative health and optimal wellness. CRI works with partners to collaboratively customize the CRI LEP for Families in a manner that is culturally and linguistically relevant to each community.

The CRI LEP for Families is developed and implemented in partnership with community-based health care organizations. A CRI LEP for Families Core Team comprised of staff of the health care organization participate in a two-part CRI training program that demonstrates the integrative health model in action, in order to become certified by CRI to deliver the program in their community.

How We’re Making a Difference

In January 2014, Tucson Medical Center (TMC) became the first partner to offer the CRI LEP for Families, with a focus on children in kindergarten through fourth grade who participate in the program with their parents or guardians. To prepare for this program, the CRI LEP for Families with TMC Core Team completed training at the Canyon Ranch Life Enhancement Center in Tucson, followed by a CRI LEP Bridge Practicum on site at TMC in Tucson, AZ.

CRI and TMC have partnered to provide the CRI Life Enhancement Program to community members with the greatest need in the Tucson area since 2013.


Canyon Ranch Institute evaluates the CRI LEP for Families’ effectiveness across the entire scope of our integrative model of health. Youth and adult participants in the CRI LEP for Families take part in a pre- and post-program evaluation. CRI measures the impact of improving health literacy through participants’ changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in relation to nutrition, physical activity, behavioral health, integrative health, stress management, and spirituality. We also evaluate participants’ physical health through fitness tests, physical measurements, and blood work.