CRI Life Enhancement Program

The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP) is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary program that transfers the best practices of Canyon Ranch to underserved communities to prevent, diagnose, and address chronic diseases. The CRI LEP uses an integrative approach to health and is grounded in the best practices of health literacy.


The CRI LEP is rooted in the 25-year history of the Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch.

Each CRI LEP is developed and implemented in partnership with a community-based health care organization. Core Team members from the organization participate in a two-part training program that demonstrates the integrative health model in action. All CRI LEPs share a common set of core principles and values, and CRI works with local partners to collaboratively customize the CRI LEP in a manner that is culturally and linguistically relevant to each community.

The CRI LEP key program elements and program materials are designed to ensure that each partnership remains true to our approach to integrative health and optimal wellness. Each CRI LEP is evaluated to improve the program and to document program outcomes, including behavior changes and physical and physiological health changes.


CRI LEP with Berkshire Health Systems

CRI LEP - Berkshire Health Systems

CRI LEP in Cleveland, OH

CRI LEP Cleveland

CRI LEP with El Rio, Tucson, AZ

CRI LEP - El Rio grocery

CRI LEP in Savannah, GA

CRI LEP - Savannah walking group

CRI LEP in Sullivan County, MO

Sullivan Co - Robin Thompson

CRI LEP with Tucson Medical Center

TMC grocery

CRI LEP at Urban Health Plan in the South Bronx, NY

CRI LEP at UHP smiling



More healthy days per month


Lower stress


Lower depression


Increase in strenuous exercise


Increase in health knowledge


Lower blood sugar levels


Lower Body Mass Index (BMI)


Lower systolic blood pressure


Lower diastolic blood pressure

Outcomes reflect data from approximately 500 participants in eight locations throughout the United States. All outcomes reported are statistically significant.

Read more participant stories from CRI LEP sites around the United States.

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