CRI LEP History

Building on More Than 20 Years of Commitment

In 1979, when Canyon Ranch Founders Mel and Enid Zuckerman started the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona, a uniquely successful approach to lifestyle change was born. At its core is a model of optimal living that helps people make long-lasting personal and emotional connections to their health and wellness.

The Life Enhancement Program (LEP) at Canyon Ranch was founded in 1988 for people who were not already exercising and eating well and who were seeking a purposeful experience through which they could learn about living healthfully. Housed in the stand-alone Life Enhancement Center, the LEP quickly became known for the transformative effects on individuals taking part in its learn-and-practice approach.

Canyon Ranch Institute leadership believed that the concepts practiced through the LEP could be transferred beyond those just visiting Canyon Ranch. In collaboration with CRI partners, who also understand and embrace the value of this program, Canyon Ranch Institute is extending the founders’ original vision for Canyon Ranch and the LEP. By establishing CRI LEPs in a growing number of underserved communities, we are partnering with health organizations to support participants in increasing their health literacy and becoming more active and better informed about their own pursuit of optimal health and joyful living.