CRI LEP Program Materials

Materials for Participants

Materials for Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP) participants include a CRI LEP Participant Guide, which is a reference tool for participants to follow during and after their CRI LEP experience, and a Wellness Journal that participants personalize and use to track their thoughts and feelings.

Materials for Facilitators

CRI LEP facilitators receive a CRI LEP Facilitator Manual, which sets the standard for CRI LEPs. The CRI LEP Facilitator Manual is vital to program implementation, providing information about the CRI LEP program elements and principles, step-by-step lesson plans, and a comprehensive resource section with articles, supplementary activities, and hand-outs for participants. PowerPoint templates are also provided.

A CRI LEP Evaluation Tool Kit is provided for the evaluation team members. That resource includes step-by-step directions about how to conduct the baseline, process, post, +3 month, and +12 month evaluation that each CRI LEP participant experiences.

As we successfully implement and test more CRI LEP partnerships in diverse settings, CRI updates the CRI LEP program materials based on the information collected through our rigorous evaluation processes.