CRI LEP Training

CRI training BHS LEP core teamAt the beginning of each Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP), a Core Team of health and wellness professionals is identified by the partner organization to facilitate, present, and evaluate the program. The Core Team members represent all aspects of the integrative health model and may include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, exercise professionals, nutritionists, behavioral health professionals, spirituality professionals, pharmacists, community health educators, and others.

Core Team members start their training by traveling to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, to experience the week-long Life Enhancement Program on which the CRI LEP is based. During their stay, CRI LEP Core Team members participate in interactive classes that emphasize taking small steps for behavior change, healthy eating, portion size awareness, sleeping well for health, empowerment to set personal health goals, and the importance of social support in achieving goals. The Core Team members also participate in a discussion with Canyon Ranch Institute team members for the purpose of learning more about their perspectives on the training experience.After the Core Team training in Tucson, staff from Canyon Ranch Institute visit the CRI LEP partner site and meet with the Core Team to complete training in a Bridge Practicum that serves to refine and tailor the program content to the community and community members. By adapting the CRI LEP curriculum in a culturally and linguistically competent way that meets the needs of the community, there is greater possibility of program adherence and for participants to make a long-lasting commitment to health and wellness.