Michaela Johnson

The CRI LEP connected me to people who care about my health.
Daily meditation helps Michaela Johnson stay connected to her health and wellness goals.
Daily meditation helps Michaela Johnson stay connected to her health and wellness goals.

Before I joined the CRI Life Enhancement Program, I thought I knew what it takes to live a healthy life – what’s good for you, what’s not. What I really lacked was motivation.

I expected that the structure of the program and classes would help me find that motivation. What I found was that the dedication of the other participants and the health professionals from Tucson Medical Center motivated me to reconnect to health and wellness in my life.

As someone who lives alone and has gotten pretty isolated in life, the group support, caring, and shared values was incredibly important to me. Embedding myself amidst such a dedicated health team who strives to go the extra mile with every individual – regardless of someone’s particular challenges – allowed me to make my hopes of becoming healthier a reality, instead of just another “good idea.”

The CRI LEP created an environment of such strong values, that I knew I could absorb and embrace them simply by participating. It now matters to me and other people how well I’m doing. The sense that someone cares about me improving my health gave me the “jump start” that I needed to lead a healthier life.

Today, I’m working to maintain my healthy habits. I continue to make better food choices, having more fruits and vegetables and overall fewer calories. The program’s emphasis on meditation also helped me to reconnect with myself and my goals. Daily meditation has made the biggest impact in helping me to stick to my healthy new habits.

When the program was ending, I asked if I could volunteer for the next program at Tucson Medical Center. I figure staying connected with the program will help me, and maybe I can help other people.

Michaela Johnson
Program Participant
CRI Life Enhancement Program with Tucson Medical Center
Tucson, AZ