Completed CRI Projects

CRI-LIVESTRONG Celebrating Life After Cancer Program

In 2009, Canyon Ranch Institute and LIVESTRONG collaborated to develop a program for cancer survivors focused on an integrative health approach to cancer prevention and survivorship. During the program, which ran for two years, Canyon Ranch guests and a group of cancer survivors had the opportunity to attend more than 30 health and wellness activities focused on cancer prevention and survivorship.

Diabetes Curriculum K-12

In 2010, Canyon Ranch Institute joined with BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) to develop curriculum materials to improve health literacy about type 2 diabetes for students in grades K-12. The curricula targeted Hispanic and African American populations that have a higher-than-average incidence of type 2 diabetes. Canyon Ranch Institute played a significant role in the development of a community outreach component of the curricula and contributed to the development of a needs assessment and formative evaluation of curricula materials (both pilot testing and field testing).


In 2007, the partnership between Canyon Ranch Institute and Cleveland Clinic started its support for the development of a HealthCorps program in Cleveland, OH, high schools to improve the health and longevity of youth and their families. After reaching more than 1,500 students at two high schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cleveland, the program was successfully completed in May 2010.

Healthy SMART Schools

In 2013, Canyon Ranch Institute teamed up with Rush University Medical Center to design and test a program using technology and software to track what students eat at school meals and support parents and caregivers in helping their child achieve a healthy lifestyle. Sixth-graders at two Chicago, IL, schools participated in the program.  Each week, parents and teachers received a comprehensive report on the nutritional value of their child’s school meals along with healthy eating recommendations for each student.

Healthy Steps for Families

In 2007, the Canyon Ranch Institute partnership with the University of Arizona’s Mel and Enid College of Public Health, which is ongoing, developed the Healthy Steps for Families program to prevent chronic disease among children and families in Southern Arizona. Through a series of interactive group sessions, Healthy Steps for Families provided Tucson-area parents with strategies to become healthier role models for their children and reduce the risk factors for chronic disease. In 2010, the program expanded to the border community of Douglas, AZ, to help reduce health disparities and improve the health status of multiethnic communities in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

In 2008, Canyon Ranch Institute developed the National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship in partnership with four U.S. Surgeons General and a diverse group of cancer prevention and survivorship experts. The group developed evidence-based goals and strategies for cancer prevention through survivorship in order to re-engage all sectors of society in the fight against cancer. The National Call to Action on Cancer Prevention and Survivorship outlined four goals and strategies for action based on the cancer continuum – empowering healthy lifestyles for prevention; screening and early detection; patient navigation; and survivorship – which provide a roadmap for the private sector, policymakers, and all Americans to take decisive action in making cancer prevention and survivorship a national priority.