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Local Food Activists Collaborate and Revitalize at Canyon Ranch Institute

Our 2016 Canyon Ranch Institute Healthy World Scholarship team from Savannah, GA, came away refreshed and revitalized by their experience at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Sharing knowledge and challenges with other teams from Chinle, AZ; Greenville, SC; and Wilkes County, NC, helped shape their strategy to improve the health and well-being of children through good nutrition.

CRI President Richard Carmona: Prevention Starts with You

CRI President Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, discusses everyday habits people can take to add quality years to their lives. He says prevention is important not just for individuals’ personal health but to address rising health care costs and the growing societal burden of chronic preventable disease. Listen to the broadcast >>

Transformations in Self, Philanthropy, and Community

The unlikely journey of Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, from poor child in the South Bronx, NY, to 17th Surgeon General of the United States, has generated a ripple effect of improved health outcomes globally. Under his leadership, Canyon Ranch Institute has transformed well-intentioned giving into smart philanthropy, creating partnerships that make real, sustainable change in a growing number of low-income communities. Read more >>

Former Surgeon General: All Must Join for Health Care

CRI President Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, speaking at the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon, said health care in the United States is riddled with disparities in terms of access and quality of care. He urged Americans to work together to improve health for all people. Read more >>

Joy and Laughter Add Powerful Element to CRI LEP

Where’s the joy? It’s an integral part of the CRI Life Enhancement Program curriculum. Read how experiencing the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of fun and play keeps CRI Life Enhancement Program participants laughing and learning together.  Read more >>

CRI President Richard Carmona: Keep Moving and Eat Healthy Foods

CRI President Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, discusses ways to stay healthy and active while managing chronic conditions such as arthritis. In this special issue published by the National Institutes of Health and the Friends of the National Library of Medicine, Richard urges people to reduce the risk of chronic, preventable disease and to model healthy eating and exercise behaviors for their children. Read the article >>

Meet the Winning Kid Chefs Who Are ‘Paying it Forward’

CRI Intern Haile Thomas was 11 years old when she won the 2012 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge for Arizona and was recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama. In this article, Haile is among the young chefs profiled for bringing positive changes to their communities.  Read more >>

Fitness Technology Conundrum

What happens when exercise and technology come together? In this article, CRI Senior Advisor for Disruptive Health Technologies Ted Vickey, M.S., and other fitness experts explain how wearables, fitness apps, and fitness-monitoring devices can help motivate people to exercise. Read the article >>

Life-Changing Stories – BHS Adopts Unique Program Aimed at Underserved Populations

This article features the BHS-CRI Life Enhancement Program (BHS-CRI LEP) and discusses the ongoing – and expanding – commitment of Berkshire Health Systems to improve the health and wellness of residents in Berkshire County, MA. The author highlights BHS CEO David Phelps and his personal journey to focus on his own health and wellness, and what led him to connect with Canyon Ranch Institute. Dr. Mark Pettus, BHS’s director of Population Health and Medical Education, and BHS-CRI LEP core team member, is quoted, putting a spotlight on the lasting positive impact the program has among participants, staff, and within the community. CRI Executive Director and Board Member Jennifer Cabe, M.A., also shares a history of the CRI LEP, its mission, and the significance the BHS and CRI partnership has in addressing health disparities in the Berkshires. Read more >>

A Successful Approach to Living Happier, Healthier Lives

The Savannah CRI Life Enhancement Program is thriving and changing lives for the better among low-income people in one of the United States’ most unhealthy cities. In the article, those who are helping make it happen explain how the program addresses the connections among mind, body, spirit, and emotion. CRI Executive Director and Board Member Jennifer Cabe, M.A., and CRI Senior Director for Health Literacy and Research Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D., share their insights. Read more >>

Renew the U.S. Commitment to Sex Education

In this opinion piece authored by 15th U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, M.D., M.S., 16th U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D., FAAFP, FACPM, FACP, and 17th U.S. Surgeon General and CRI President Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS, call for a renewed commitment to the sexual education of our nation’s youth to ensure that they “have a basic understanding of sexuality and can be prepared to take personal responsibility for their sexual health.” Specifically, the Surgeons General emphasize the need for evidence-based and comprehensive school-based sexual health education. Read the article >>